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Maintenance Plan

Due to overwhelming customer request, We are pleased to announce the Mining Rigs Australia Maintenance Plan.

What does this include?

Updates on Most Profitable Coin

We will update you regularly on the most profitable coin for your Mining Rigs Australia rig. As an example Ethereum for 1080TI using the ETHlargement Pill modification.

Exclusive Access to MRA Support Facebook Group

Access to a members only Facebook group. This will include details around specials, tweaks and updates exclusive to maintenance members.

First to Know – Hardware & Specials

Discounts / Promotions and specials notified first to our Facebook Group and Email List. This may include supplier discounts, promotions and upgrades. 10% discount on remote support services included

Mining Rigs Maintenance and Support*

We will do three manual checks a month on your account (SimpleMining). We will check to ensure that your rig has been functioning properly, and that there has been no issues eg heating etc.

Priority Support

Members Priority Support for warranty issues via our helpdesk and a 10% discount on remote support

Most Profitable Coin Switch & Mining Pool Adjustment*

We will manually change your mining pool and switch your mining to the most profitable coin based on your hardware configuration – Up to 3 times per month.

The cost for this service is $30* per month and an additional $5 per rig that is maintained within this service.

For more info or to sign up for this service contact us today.

* Maintenance requires login credentials to your SimpleMining account. These credentials will be stored in a secure vault using bank level encryption to ensure privacy and details are maintained. The minimum term for the maintenance plan is 6 months and requires payment in six month blocks via bank transfer in advance.

Checks Include:

  • Rigs Online – Check Status of Rigs 
  • Rig Reboots – Check Amount of Rig Reboots
  • GPUS Online – Check Purchased vs GPUS currently Online
  • Temperature Check – Check Current Temperature
  • Mining Errors – Check SMOS Terminal for Errors including connection errors
  • Software Versions – Check Updates for Software Versions and update as required
  • Mining Pool Configuration – Check Pool Configuration
  • Mining Pool Output – Verify Connection to Mining Pool
  • Mining Pool Status – Verify Mining Pool Status
  • Mining Pool Address – Check Mining Pool Reporting Address
  • Check SMOS Balance – Check Credit for SMOS  (Active Subscription & Balance – Days)
  • Confirm Wallet Address – Check Correct Details
  • Mining Pool Change – eg Change to NanoPool, SparkPool etc
  • Algorithm Change – eg Change to Ethereum, Zcash


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