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GPU Mining Rigs

GPU Mining Rigs

We currently build Mining Rigs in 6,8,10 and 12 GPU configuration as well as custom rigs above 12 GPU’s. These are configured to mine Ethereum, or can be configured to mine Zcash or any other GPU compatible script.

We also build custom orders, and supply hardware and configuration wholesale and to customer’s building out large scale mining farms. We have worked with client’s in providing hardware, consulting  and support  to mining farms in excess of $1M AUD.

Our standard 6 card GPU rigs start at around $5800 and we deliver Australia Wide (additional charges apply)

Mining Rig – Includes Motherboard, CPU, Memory, Fans, Power Supply, SimpleMining Software, Cables, Case or Frame, Installation & Configuration

6 Card Server Chassis
8 Card Server Chassis
10 Card Server Chassis
12 Card Mining Frame
MRAGPU8TC – 8 GPU Turnkey (No GPU’s)

In addition to this there is the GPU cost which varies depending on the following:

  • Output in MH
  • Availability
  • Model eg RX580, 1060, 1070, 1080, 1080TI, P104 etc.

We are also able to supply the following hardware / software if you wish to build the hardware yourself and can supply these in large quantities.

  • Motherboards
  • Video Cards (GPU’s)
  • Memory
  • CPU’s
  • PCIE Risers
  • Mining Rig Frame / Cases
  • Operating System including ethOS, Windows 10 or SimpleMining
  • Power Supplies
  • Cooling Fans
  • SSD Hard Drives

Let’s have a look at some comparisons :

We have based this on current AUD Value of GPU components. Note the Antminer E3 price is not landed and you will need to pay customs tax and duties + GST on this once landed.

  MRA – GTX1060 Rig Antminer E3
Retail Price with PSU $5,232.75 (Estimate) $2998.25 (not landed)
Hash/s per second ETH 132 Mh/s 180
Hash/s per second XMR 1830 Sols 0
Price per hash (ETC) $39.64 $16.65
Power Consumed 800 Watts 800 Watts
Shipping Immediately End of July 2018
Comes with AU Certfied PSU Yes No
PSU is 80 Plus Gold Certified Yes No
Customisable, Open Source Software Yes No
Mines a variety of Coins Yes No
Usable after ETH POS or protocol change Yes No
Retains Value Yes No
Usable for purposes other than Mining Yes No
Maximum available for purchase by one client Unlimited 100
Warranty Period 1-3 Years 180 Days
Warranty is Transferable Yes No
Warranty is Australian Based Yes No – Back to China

You will find that the MRA hardware is more expensive per hash rate. However your equipment will not turn into a brick overnight (ASIC blocked), can be utilised for diversification on multiple GPU currencies, retains value and can be build and shipped now.

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