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Cloud Mining

For those not keen on building or maintaining mining hardware, but also want to be a part of the cryptocurrency wave.

Mining Rigs Australia recommends cloud mining services through our referral network:

This enables you to lease the hardware for either an indefinite period of time (depending on the contract) or for a period of 1 year

Mining Rigs Australia currently utilise both these services for ourselves and recommend this to our customers in addition, or as an alternative to their own mining hardware.

The benefits of cloud mining include:

  • No initial hardware costs
  • No hardware knowledge or PC knowledge
  • No electricity costs
  • No heat generation

The cons of cloud mining include:

  • Higher upfront cost for contract
  • Contract times vary eg 1 year to lifetime.
  • Maintenance fees (which cover electricity, maintenance etc)
  • Terms & Conditions eg Termination of Contract if Mining becomes unprofitable.

We recommend Genesis Mining and you can utilise our referral code for a discount of 3% off your purchase “51crK6

This code can be used multiple times when increasing mining hashpower for constant 3% discounts.

What cloud mining do you recommend?

We have and will ALWAYS recommend Genesis Mining 

However with limited availability of both BTC and Ethereum cloud mining contracts we have recently diversified into 3 different cloud mining platforms. These are all tried and tested and we are ACTIVELY investing and utilising services from all three providers in the tens of thousands of dollars.

  1. CCG Mining – Cloud Mining Contracts starting at $19.99 USD per 50GH/s for a lifetime SHA-256 (Bitcoin) contract with a 0.00038 USD per GH’s maintenance fee (24 hours)
  2. Genesis Mining
  3. OXBTC  – Open Ended Contracts.

Please read our disclaimer before utilising any of these services – MRA Disclaimer


Note: Mining Rigs Australia has no affiliation with any of the cloud mining providers, or external links recommended. For sales / support / or accounts enquiries please contact them directly. Mining Rigs Australia offers these to our clients as a referral purpose only, and accepts no liabilities or responsibility for actions performed in relation to circumstances that arise out of utilising these third parties.