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ASIC Mining Rigs

ASIC Mining Rigs

Through our trusted partnership with Quadstanks Electronics located in Australia –  Mining Rigs Australia are able to get our hands on ASIC miners including the latest miners that support the following algorithms:

  • Blake2b ASIC Miners
  • CryptoNight ASIC Miners
  • Decred ASIC Miners
  • Equihash ASIC Miners
  • Ethash ASIC Miners
  • Scrypt ASIC Miners
  • SHA-256 ASIC Miners
  • X11 ASIC Miners

All ASIC Miners include PSU, Import Duties and GST and are ready for mining once landed.

Some of the ASIC Miners available now are the:

  • A8+ ASIC
  • A9 ASIC
  • D3 ASIC
  • D9 ASIC
  • E3 ASIC
  • L3++ ASIC
  • M3 ASIC
  • S11 ASIC
  • T2 ASIC
  • V9 ASIC
  • X3 ASIC
  • Z9 Mini ASIC

Please note that all purchases / sales / returns and warranty are handled directly by Quadstanks Electronics. If you require any assistance in relation to ASIC miners please be sure to contact them directly

To Purchase an ASIC Miner Please Go to – http://shop.quadstank.com/?ref=miningrigsau