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Billfodl – The Toughest Cryptocurrency Wallet EVER

We reached out to Billfodl asking whether we could have a look at their new Cryptocurrency Wallet made from metal! Why metal you ask? Because in the unfortunate event where you store your current cryptocurrency seed / personal key on paper, on a PC in a text file, on a USB key, or written on your hand you MAY end up losing it and be in a situation that your wallet is gone forever.

So what is Billfodl?

According to their website:

Billfodl is the safest way to store your private key or Seed Words. All major crypto wallets (Jaxx, Ledger, Mycillium, Trezor, etc) use a system of Seed Words to back up your private keys. If your phone or hardware wallet gets destroyed, you will need this 12 to 24 word phrase to recover your funds.

If you are like most people, you store your Seed Words on a piece of paper, probably in the same desk you put your phone on every night to charge. If there is a fire or flood, both the phone or hardware wallet and the piece of paper with the seed words on it will be destroyed. Or maybe your spouse, significant other, or child finds a piece of paper with random words on it and throws it in the trash, unbeknownst to you until you need it months or years later.  You need something permanent, solid, and dependable to store your Seed Words on.

This is where Billfodl comes in. Constructed of 316 stainless steel, Billfodl offers the best corrosion resistance in the stainless family to protect your information in even the saltiest environments.  With a melting point of 2500 – 2550 deg F (1371 – 1399 deg C), it can withstand more than double the temperature of an average house fire (1100 def F/ 600 deg C). And, it’s impervious to any type of electrical hazard you could dream of.

When you wake up and see that Bitcoin is at a new All Time High, there is no lingering doubt wondering if something will happen to your wallet to ruin the party. Since Billfodl gives you the peace of mind to know your cryptocurrencies are backed up on something that isn’t going short circuit, get hacked, burn up, or rust out, the real question you should be asking is “Why would you use anything but Billfodl?”

Is Billfodl better than a paper wallet?

One of the primary drawbacks of the paper wallet is its poor longevity. Ink can run in humidity, the paper dissolves in water, and in the longer term, paper degrades. Because of the high quality build materials of the Billfodl, you can be sure that your private data and crypto keys are safe from both the elements and time itself.

Additionally, paper wallets are produced by third party agents, so until you go to recover your coins, you never really know they are safe to begin with. Billfodl eliminates this weak point in security by allowing you to create the offline storage on your own without trusting a third party not to steal your coins.

Price: The Billfodl costs $79.95 USD. Which for piece of mind is extremely good value. This is a no brainer for the piece of mind for your cryptocurrency wallet. They also accept cryptocurrency as payment via BTC and LTC as options.

Shipping: Our sample was sent all the way from America, and unfortunately took several weeks to arrive (due to UPS / Australian Post) however they have now the ability to ship directly from Australia through an Australian based distribution point. So your Billfodl should arrive quicker than ever! They even shipped an extra one to us from Australia to prove a point, and it arrived super fast!

So tell us more:

  • Each metal tile is laser engraved, and in the kit has hundreds of various letters and numbers for your seed combinations
  • It is quite simple to setup / configure. Undo the locking mechanism with a tile, open the spring, and then start adding the letters relevant to your private key / seed.
  • The unit is SOLID, and I mean solid. It is designed for rain, hail, shine, floods, cyclones, fires and more, and the unit will not have any degradation of characters, or fading like paper.

Take a look at this video for proof!


  • Solid construction
  • Australian Distribution Point / Delivery
  • Insane Refund Policy – 360 Days + 25% of the purchase cost if not happy with the purchase.
  • Low Price compared to competition


  • Minimal Instructions (you are probably thinking how difficult can it be, we had some difficulty in opening up the unit to slide the tiles in, which took HOURS and emails backwards and forwards to realise we had a dud unit). In defence though, failure rates are sub 1% and of course on the other side of the world we received one that failed. The new unit was a breeze!
  • Call us old fashioned, but I didn’t like that the letter L “l” looked like a 1 upside down. I kept looking for an L tile and realised that the L was in fact a 1 upside down!
  • You need to read the instructions online. We even had some issues where we started entering a 5 character seed word, and then realised the unit only catered for 4 characters. Again serves us right for not reading the FAQ!

YOU KNOW YOU WANT ONE! Order one here – BILLFODL – The safest way to HODL.

Not only that check this out:

What is the Billfodl Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee?

We encourage all takers to find a way to melt or corrode the Billfodl and tell us how you did it! In that spirit, it is our guarantee that the product will make good on all our claims. We also guarantee that, despite its performance, if you still don’t like it or want it, we will refund the product 125%, no-questions-asked. If you do manage to destroy it, send it back to us along with an explanation of how you did it for a 125% refund.

Do yourself a favour and grab one today…. OR……. Check out our FB page for the chance to win a Billfodl shipped to your door! (no we arent sending you our seed key, that’s ours!)


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