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Finder Cryptocurrency Predictions – April 2018

We are often asked “What are your predictions on Bitcoin, Ethereum?” and more often than not our clients use these decisions to work out whether a Mining Rig is for them. Especially whether the expensive cost of a rig will generate a return that is reasonable. After all you didn’t buy it for nothing did you?

Rather than hear it from us, have a look at the latest cryptocurrency predictions for April 2018 from Finder. This was taken from top 13 panelists with a vested interest in cryptocurrency, and strong knowledge about each of the technologies behind the currencies.

Link: https://www.finder.com/nz/cryptocurrency-predictions

This interesting article shows by end of 2018:

Bitcoin @ $21,484.62 USD
Ethereum @ $2736.11 USD

If you have been sitting on the fence to buy a Mining Rig, now is the chance to do so. GPU prices are still fairly low, and based on trend analysis, we are on the up and up.

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