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The Market is UP and GPU Prices are DOWN

With GPU prices at an all time low since, and the cryptocurrency market gaining traction again with BTC up to $10,372.71 AUD and ETH up to $657.24 AUD as of 15/04/2017, now is time to jump back on board before the prices skyrocket again.

We all know the story of supply and demand, and luckily at this very moment, we have some ability to get some really good GPU prices unheard of over the last few months.

Yes most retailers are still only allowing maximum 2 GPU’s per household, so the likes of Nvidia, and AMD are still enforcing these limitations. However Mining Rigs Australia still have the ability to get GPU’s in many configurations. We have even seen VEGA cards available again.

If you have been sitting on the fence, like we know MOST of us have been since Christmas, now is the time to jump on and grab a 6,8,10 or 12 GPU configuration Mining Rig.

These can be configured for ETH, Zcash and other profitable cryptocurrency.

Contact us for more information or request a Mining Rig Quote today.

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