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Calculating the Most Profitable Coin to Mine

Different GPU’s mine various cryptocurrencies quite differently. This is due to the internal design of the cards, memory, clock speed, watts, heat distribution, configuration and features. AMD to Nvidia as well completely different from an overall architecture point of view.

But how do you know what is the most profitable coin to mine? is it ETH is it ZEC? is it BCH?

Each GPU performs compute against algorithm’s such as Ethash, Cryptonight, Equihash completely at different speeds.

There is a website called – WhatToMine – https://whattomine.com/

This website enables you to put in how many GPU’s you have and types, and allows you to tell you the best algorithm you should be mining at any given time.

Here will give you an example of how to calculate using the website WhatToMine

Below you will see we have selected to use the 1080TI GPU and have highlighted it green by double clicking on “1080TI”. We have entered 12 unit as for reference purposes this is a 12 Card 1080TI GPU Mining Rig

Note: You can select any configuration of GPU’s and quantities. You do not need to use the 1080TI as an example. Use your current or future configuration.

On the left you will see that based on Ethereum Hash Rate (as a reference point) the 1080TI performs at 420Mh/s. This is based on out of the box with some minor tweaking of the GPU overclocking.

The power output of these cards are 1680 watts. So this will give you an idea of how much energy consumption your rig is consuming.

Down below (bottom right)  you will see an area in which you can enter your current electricity costs. So if you are paying 0.28c per kWh then enter this here.

Once all this information has been put in click on the calculate button.


You will actually see that at this very moment that Monacoin (MONA) is the most profitable with using your 1080TI x 12 GPU Rig.

Second is Zencash (ZEN) and Third if Zcash (ZEC). On the right hand side you will see that Zcash is paying $17.14 (USD) per day for the above mentioned hardware configuration.

With this information you can go into SimpleMining (if you are using this) and modifying your Algorithm to suit, by creating a new group, and selecting the appropriate miner related to the algorithm of choice.

For help and support of WhattoMine please visit the https://whattomine.com/ website.
For help and support of SimpleMining including configuration support please visit https://simplemining.net/ and click on the Help / Chat menus.

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