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Why buy from Mining Rigs Australia?

What makes Mining Rigs Australia different to other Mining Rigs Retailers?
1. We don’t claim to have items “in stock” when we don’t. Most other suppliers claim to have stock but in fact you will be waiting several weeks for hardware to come in, and then be configured. We order daily on demand for our clients to ensure that you have the latest builds / versions and stock from our suppliers.

2. We don’t import from China. We are conscious that you are in Australia and deserve every right as a consumer to Australian backed and warranted hardware. All our hardware is purchased directly from Australian Suppliers backed with Australian Warranty and Australian support.

3. Our bench testing and installation procedure is second to none. Our systems are built carefully and tested thoroughly before sending to our clients. We test against overheating, faulty cards, configuration issues, and then provide a system that we can guarantee works when you receive it.

4. We offer guaranteed after sales service. To all our clients we offer a 30-60 minute screen sharing session to ensure that you understand how your system works, how to change mining software and pools and how to check your hardware for possible problems. We actually care that you get the utmost experience out of your purchase, so spend that extra time with all our clients. We simply do not wipe you as a customer after you purchase our hardware.

5. We have been in the industry over 22 years, so understand what our clients want and expect and are ethical. We would rather tell you the truth rather than be dishonest to get a sale. We have not been around 5 minutes and believe that client loyalty and integrity is key to any relationship.

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