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Why Hashflare?

For those sitting on the fence contemplating on getting into mining or purchasing cryptocurrency, now is the time to get involved.

The benefits of cloud mining with Hashflare:

  • Instant Hashpower Purchase + Upgrades 
    • You don’t need to wait for stock of mining equipment or GPU’s, nor do you have to go ahead and purchase a new rig if you have maximised your capacity.
  • Ability to Mine Different Algorithms
    • Do you want to mine BTC, ETH and XMR at the same time. You can. Just purchase contracts in the various algorithms and you start mining straight away.
  • No Electricity Costs, Heat or Maintenance
    • No electricity costs or physical maintenance required. You don’t need to worry about large electricity bills, heat from multiple rigs or having knowledge to maintain the hardware. Hashflare charges a minor maintenance fee monthly which covers all of this.
  • Instant Payouts & Reinvest Options
    • You can cash out your earnings daily, weekly or monthly or reinvest them to add additional hashpower to maximise your earnings.

Note: We recommend at the moment BTC contracts due to higher ROI (within 3 months)

Full guide is available through our FREE Mining Guide 

Or you can click the link below to start today:


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