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Cryptocurrency Moonfinder

We have partnered with Cryptocurrency Moonfinder to allow our customers to utilise the latest technology to trade Cryptocurrency. What is Cryptocurrency Moonfinder?

Anyone who has been involved in the Crypto Currency space will understand the reference to Moon – this is used when a coin has been identified that will take off an potentially fly like a rocket to the moon (and along the way make a lot of people a lot of money !).

Moonfinder is an Artifical Intelligence (AI) system written by a Cyborg (Ben) sent back from the future to make you a ton of money !

Seriously though, Moonfinder has been crafted as a predictive system that utilizes the power of the internet to source, collect and analyse Crypto Currency coins that trade on the Bittrex Exchange.

It has been designed to use a series of extremely intelligent algorithms to filter through the thousands of Coins available on Bittrex and to find ones that will increase in price in a short to medium timeframe (Hours to Days).

As these coins are identified they are monitored and giving a ranking and probability of success – as the saying goes “Gold will rise to the Top” and this is exactly what happens in the MoonFinder system – with a coin ultimately hitting the Prediction channel and thus warranting much closer scrutiny and inspection.

Whilst this system on its own is revolutionary – the real power comes from the Discord Community that has been built around this tool. In our community we have a wide range of skills and abilities throughout the member base and the more knowledgeable will provide commentary and information on which coins they have done further analysis on and which are good candidates for your investment.

Whilst the ultimate goal of everyone is finding the fabled “Moon” coin – the reality is that we are trying to provide a range of coins, together with analysis and commentary from the community that will ultimately make you money – some of these might make you as “little” as 10% – others much more. It is not much use making money though only to throw it away on the next bad coin, so members of the community try to coach people through Risk management and correct trading methodologies and strategies – ultimately to ensure that the money keeps flowing and stays in your pocket !

Ready to check out Moonfinder? 

Join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/DbnedC8 and ask for a free trial, or sign up at www.ccmf.online

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