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Mining Rigs Australia builds GPU Mining Rigs in 6, 8, 10 and 12 GPU configurations as well as custom built orders


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With pricing and stock level variations occurring daily , we have implemented a form which enables you to request a formal quotation. This quotation is valid for 24 hours. Once the form has been completed we will be in touch regarding next steps to secure your order.

About Us

Mining Rigs Australia was founded to assist those who wish to get join the cryptocurrency wave and either mine for Cryptocurrency or build the hardware required to mine some of the current cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Zcash, Monero using GPU based hardware as well as providing accessibility to Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin mining hardware and cloud based mining services.

Scalable Mining Farms

Do you have a large scale requirement to build out a Mining Farm? Mining Rigs Australia offers consultancy and hardware supply services in building out large scale mining farms. Our services including consultancy around design, support, installation and configuration and central management. We offer consultancy services to help determine and achieve realistic ROI’s for the Australian & New Zealand markets.

Why buy from Mining Rigs Australia?

What makes Mining Rigs Australia different to other Mining Rigs Retailers?

Stock & Availability

We don’t claim to have items “in stock” when we don’t.

Most other suppliers claim to have stock but in fact you will be waiting several weeks for hardware to come in, and then be configured. We order daily on demand for our clients to ensure that you have the latest builds / versions and stock from our suppliers.

Hardware Guarantee

Our bench testing and installation procedure is second to none.

Our systems are built carefully and tested thoroughly before sending to our clients. We test against overheating, faulty cards, configuration issues, and then provide a system that we can guarantee works when you receive it.

Industry Experience

We have been in the industry over 22 years.

So understand what our clients want and expect and are ethical. We would rather tell you the truth rather than be dishonest to get a sale. We have not been around 5 minutes and believe that client loyalty and integrity is key to any relationship.

Australian Stock

We don’t import from China.

We are conscious that you are in Australia and deserve every right as a consumer to Australian backed and warranted hardware. All our hardware is purchased directly from Australian Suppliers backed with Australian Warranty and Australian support.

After Sales Service

We offer guaranteed after sales service.

To all our clients we offer a 30-60 minute screen sharing session to ensure that you understand how your system works, how to change mining software and pools and how to check your hardware for possible problems. We actually care that you get the utmost experience out of your purchase, so spend that extra time with all our clients. We simply do not wipe you as a customer after you purchase our hardware.

Our Services

Mining Rigs Australia specialises provides the following Services & Support throughout Australia

Mining Rig Services

Build & Configuration of GPU Based hardware including but not limited to:

  • Hardware Purchasing
    • Hardware Build & Configuration
    • Software Load & Configuration
    • GPU BIOS Modification Services
    • Wallet Selection & Configuration


Through our supplier network Mining Rigs Australia are able to get our hands on mining hardware such as the:
  • Antminer S9
  • Antminer D3
  • Antminer T9
  • Antminer L3+
These are rare and in high demand, and often we order multiple units for our customers to ensure availability as well as to maximise return on investment enabling you to mine sooner than later.

Cloud Mining

For those not keen on building or maintaining mining hardware, but also want to be a part of the cryptocurrency wave.

Mining Rigs Australia offer cloud mining services through our referral cloud mining network. This enables you to lease the hardware for either an indefinite period of time (depending on the contract) or for a period of 1 year. Please check out our Cloud Mining Page for more information.


Through secure (end user granted) remote connectivity, SSH or other secure connection methods we are able to offer remote diagnostics & troubleshooting services to fix and identify common software related issues including video drivers, configuration issues as well as hardware issues which prevent you from mining. You can access our helpdesk and FAQ here.

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Looking at getting into Ethereum or Bitcoin Mining and don’t know how. Mining Rigs Australia can get you up and running and earning ethereum or bitcoin straight away. Whether you want to build your own mining rig or get us to build a rig we can assist you. Contact us today on +1300-644-978 for more information.

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